We spend on average 3000 days in school during our entire education, which is roughly 1/5th of our entire lives. Is this the best use of our time or could learning happen in other and more inspiring ways?

Voicing your Future is a collection of thoughts, ideas and stories from children, youngsters and adults about how we can change education to make it more meaningful and provide better tools for us to engage creatively in our lives and future challenges. These voices are mainly gathered as video recordings but also as artworks, texts and poems from anyone who wants to contribute to the project.

Contributions are published and shown continuously on the project website. This site is also exhibited as part of my show in galleries. 

Voicing your Future is an art project by artist Eva Bakkeslett for the exhibition Back to the sandbox – Art and Radical Pedagogy, curated by Jaroslav Andel.

The show has exhibited at Stavanger kunsthall, Stavanger in Norway and at Western Gallery, Bellingham,WA in US.